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Cone Beam CT Owandy I-Max Touch 3D

Digital Panoramic and CBCT all-in-one unit Owandy I-Max Touch3D

I-Max Touch 3D CBCT unit can be also installed with CEPH option. In this case it uses 2 sensors - the first one is for the 3D and panoramic exams and the second one is for Ceph acquisitions.


X-Ray Service for Owandy I-Max Touch 3D Ceph


Specifications: I-Max Touch 3D computer – minimum configuration:
  • Intel i7 (8-core), 2.8GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • Hard disk 500 GB 7200 or 10000 rpm
  • Gigabit network card
  • Slot PCI-Express x4 on the MB
  • Midrange or high-end NVidia or ATI card with updated OpenGL driver

- To use the QuickVision 4 software you must have English or French version of the MS Windows XP Professional SP2 (32 bits) OS.
-To work in the QuickVision 3 software you can use the MS Windows XP Professional SP2/SP3 (32 bits), or MS Windows 7 (HomePremium or higher, 32 or 64 bits). We don't recommend to use MS Vista 32-bits OS but you can use it. Caution: There is NO compatibility with Windows 8 for the I-Max Touch 3D at this moment!
The 3D unit should never be connected directly to a network. A dedicated computer is required to reconstruct the images.

Prepaid Maintenance and Preventive servicing

Prepaid Maintenance with Troman

Prepaid Maintenance and Preventive servicing.
Prepaid Maintenance lets you "lock in" tomorrow's service costs at today's prices, affording you instant ease of mind and significant savings. Costs can be quoted on a fixed basis to include all labor, parts, material and travel or simply time and material. We can offer different levels of maintenance contracts to suit our client's requirements.
Regularly maintaining your equipment will mean less down time, longer asset lives and happier patients!
OOO Troman produces high-quality and timely maintenance of your medical equipment. We support your Cone Beam CT Owandy I-Max Touch 3D. We make our work professionally and responsibly.



We produces a thorough and professional diagnostics of your medical X-Ray equipment. We can completely test your Cone Beam CT Owandy I-Max Touch 3D and we'll offer you a solution to the problem with your equipment. Our company guarantees the accuracy of the information obtained in the course of diagnostics of your equipment.



OOO Troman professionally repairs your X-ray medical equipment. We carry out repair of various levels of complexity. In dependence on the diagnostics data we can repair Cone Beam CT Owandy I-Max Touch 3D. We can adjust and repair X-ray medical equipment.

Equipment Installation

Equipment Installations

Equipment Installations and Reinstallations.
We provide new systems installation with a zero defect policy and direct client review and acceptance procedure. Our installers and service engineers works with most major brands. We also provide Custom installations. Our installation usually includes commissioning of the X-ray medical equipment. We provide client personnel Training in specific and efficient use of installed systems. We are glad to offer you our reinstallation services as well as carrying out adjustment and calibration after relocation of equipment and rooms, for example, in connection with the transfer of equipment to another place.
Over the past few years, we have made more than 350 installations of new X-ray systems e.g. RAD/Fluoro rooms, intra-oral and panoramic X-ray systems (including 3D CT units), bone densitometers etc. We can provide warranty and post-warranty service support.

De-installation Services


De-installation Services for Medical Equipment.
OOO Troman carefully, but quickly produces the de-installation X-ray equipment. De-installation of the existing Cone Beam CT Owandy I-Max Touch 3D for recycling, relocation and for later reinstallation.



Modernization and other nanotechnology. Our company produces unique works on modernization of X-ray equipment. Retrofitting of equipment options, digital systems, secure data storage. Coding, software upgrades, configuration changes, calibrations and adjustments of medical equipment. We are experienced with multi-brands equipment. Perhaps we can upgrade and retrofit Cone Beam CT Owandy I-Max Touch 3D directly to your needs.