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07.апр.20 12:26

The Carestream Vita Flex CR delivers high-quality digital images to speed workfow and improve patient care, and offers a range of throughput rates to match your workfow needs. Compact design makes it a great fit for smaller spaces. And its affordable price tag makes it possible on nearly any budget.

Meet the Carestream Vita Flex multi-purpose CR-system.

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27.ноя.19 02:15


TITAN 2000 is totally multipurpose X-ray digital unit with automatic motions and with flat panel detector build in compact and great looking modern U-arm form factor.

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24.дек.18 08:27


CBCT Owandy I-Max Touch 3D+Ceph

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28.дек.16 14:36


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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05.дек.16 16:15


Gas springs for Kodak (Carestream) 2200, Кодак 2100 and Trophy Elitys in stock.

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22.апр.16 11:46


Let's diagnose, check for malfunctions, we will offer repair/adjustment options and solve problems with Your densitometers of Hologic.

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13.июн.15 12:32


Мы работаем уже более 20 лет!

И все это время наша компания динамично и эффективно развивается.
За 20 лет своей деятельности мы восстановили, смонтировали, откалибровали и настроили тысячи аппаратов. Мы встречаем этот юбилей и продолжаем работать и развиваться. Дальше - больше!

  • Техническое обслуживание, установленное регламентом производителя;
  • Ремонт рентгенодиагностической медицинской аппаратуры;
  • Внеплановое обслуживание, гарантийные и послегарантийные ремонты;
  • Монтажные и пусконаладочные работы;
  • Демонтаж аппаратов;
  • Диагностика и тестирование;
  • Проверка характеристик аппаратуры сертифицированными поверенными приборами;
  • Модернизация оборудования;
  • Дооснащение медицинской техники и программного обеспечения опциями и дополнительным функционалом;



Company news

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19.фев.15 00:31


Moscow city Department for Support and Development of Small and Mid-sized Enterprises

Moscow's Department for Support and Development of Small and Mid-sized Enterprises provides an additional support for our company OOO«Troman». The Dept provides our ADvertisement in electronic catalogs and Moscow directories!

The size of the support remains stable at the level of previous years, and it is 480 rubles.
This event is written in the register in accordance with Russian Federation's Government Decree №358 dated December 6, 2008 that is officially published.

  • Maintenance;
  • Repair of the X-Ray medical equipment;
  • Warranty and post-warranty repairs;
  • Installation and commissioning;
  • De-installation;
  • Diagnostics and testing;
  • Checking the characteristics of the equipment by certified attorneys appliances;
  • Modernization of the equipment;
  • Retrofitting of medical devices and software options and additional features;



Company news

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15.ноя.13 13:03


We are now registered as a Verified Supplier on the «Vendors Portal»*, Russian official state online market.

Besides, we are accredited as a Verified Supplier on operation with such National verified online trade portals and online auctions as Gazprom Group (OOO «GPB ETP»), Roseltorg (OAO «EETP»), Sberbank (ZAO «Sberbank-AST»).
We are bidding!
*«market.zakupki.mos.ru»is made like an alternative state online shop for qualified and tested suppliers, their offers and for online contracts signing.



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