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Intra-oral sensors and imaging plates

The digital intra-oral sensors are using for the acquisition and processing of digital intra-oral X-Rays images.
The world's first intra-oral X-rays imaging sensor was introduced by Trophy Radiology (France) in 1987. Trophy Radiology patented it under the restricted name RadioVisioGraphy (other companies named it digital radiography). That first model was called Trophy RVG. First Trophy intraoral sensors were extremely reliable and successful, ensured good quality of images, significantly reduced the dose to patients, since they had a higher sensitivity than the sensitivity of X-ray films.
From the first half of the 90s of the XXs century many other manufacturers began to introduce their models for the market: Gendex, Schick Technologies, Sirona, ProVision, Dent-X, Soredex etc.
Actual measured resolution of sensors of that period usually amounted to about 6-10 pairs of lines per millimeter.
Later, the number of manufacturers increased, some old brands changed their owners and names, the actual resolution of the sensors and the number of buil-in filters was totally increased.

Our company has the perfect possibilities and best (OK, almost the best) practice to configure, maintain, diagnose, install or reinstall for most of the models of intra-oral sensors (visiographs) that was produced in the past and also that now producing in the world. We have highly extensive experience working with a variety of intra-oral sensors and intra-oral imaging plates as from the very first Trophy RVG model and right up to the latest intra-oral sensors and intra-oral imaging plates models from various manufacturers.